About my column…

Random Acts is a column that shares a woman’s take on life — a woman who is Asian American, single and tries to look at everything in its most positive light. I believe there are no accidents in life.  Everything that happens brings us closer to a greater understanding of why we are alive.  For me, the reason we are here is to share who we are, and to learn that in the end, no matter who we are, we all are One.



  1. gary tobin said,


    Now, you’ve got my attention. I saw your current Fortune “How I Got Started” piece and again was struck by the subject, how you approached it and, serendipitiously, I might have a couple that would interest you. How do I send you some information via email?


  2. JB said,

    Ms Eng,
    I just read your wonderful interview with Hobie Alter. Hobie passed away yesterday at his home with his family. He was quite a guy and his presence will always be with us.

  3. Just a quick hello, and a thank you re “Inventing Products Is His Lot In Life,” from a fellow inventor (of domain names, in this instance) who can relate to Mr. Yang’s need for a ‘name consultant.’ Don’t ask how I morphed from a passion for sociology to the founding of a domain name lab, but the journey continues and only gets better. Frank and I share the same ‘addiction’ towards creating something that people will love. Russell Travis, Ph.D (founder,DomainNameLab.com)

    • dinaheng said,

      It’s always good when the journey gets better. 🙂

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