About Me

I am the first Asian-American columnist whose commentary was available nationwide. The column was available first through Gannett News Service, then Scripps Howard News Service. Both outlets have now ceased publication. As a freelance writer, my stories appear in magazines such as Emmy, Fortune and NewsPro, as well as other national publications.

I have received numerous awards, including being named winner of the 1997 Columbia University Distinguished Service to Journalism Award and the 2006 National Association of Minority Media Executives Lawrence Young Breakthrough Award.



  1. gary tobin said,

    Fascinating articles. Must be tons of fun to delve into a such a broad range of personalities and stories.

    • dinaheng said,

      It’s great fun. Many thanks for the nod.

  2. Corey Rosen said,

    Hi Dinah —

    I just read your great story about Kim Jordan at New Belgium. I have known Kim from way back and was the person who introduced her to the ESOP idea. I am the founder of the National Center for Employee Ownership. New Belgium is a stellar example of a great ESOP company in fact, Kim keynoted one of our conferences), but there are many others. Research from Harvard, Rutgers and others show these companies have been exceptionally successful in engaging employees, generating and preserving jobs, and providing substantial assets for employee retirement. They also are the most tax-favored way to sell a closely held business (the company, not the employees, pay for it).

    But ESOPs are poorly understood by the business community. I am hoping, therefore,you might consider exploring this idea further.

    Thanks very much.

    Corey Rosen
    National Center for Employee Ownership

    • dinaheng said,

      Hi Corey,
      Thanks for your note. Unfortunately, ESOPs are not something I’d write about at this time. Appreciate your note, though.

  3. Liz Witter said,

    Hi Dinah,
    I just read your article on iRobot in Fortune Magazine. Vecna Technologies, based in Cambridge, MA is working on cutting-edge technology such as the QC Bot, a delivery robot proven to save money, time and lives in hospitals and in other workflows. Vecna also produces a patient self-service system to make the check-in process more efficient in doctors’ offices and clinics.

    Robots are everywhere and becoming more prevalent. This is a concept I believe you should explore further.

    Thank you for your time!
    Liz Witter
    Vecna Technologies

  4. Catherine said,

    Dear Dinah, I missed your column in the Salem Statesman Journal newspaper. I found an old column of yours and decided to look you up on the web. I found you! I will go through your archives because I really enjoyed your column.
    Best wishes, Catherine

    • dinaheng said,

      Catherine, How sweet of you to look me up on the web! I remember my visit to Salem with great fondness. Those column-writing days were wonderful because it connected me with so many lovely readers like you. Hope all is well in your life! Dinah

  5. Vincent Lee said,

    Hello Dinah,
    I read your articles on Fortune magazine. Like the poster above, I enjoyed your writings and decided to look you up online. I have some questions and I wish to ask for your advice. Would there be a way to contact you?


  6. Hi Dinah. I work for SCORE Association, and we loved your article about the Vera Bradley founder in Fortune magazine. Would you like to talk about writing other SCORE Success Stories? Please email me if interested. Thank you!

  7. I just quoted from your Fortune piece on Firehouse Subs in my blog:https://diy-ci.com/2016/06/20/does-anyone-actually-diy-ci/

    • dinaheng said,

      Thanks for letting me know, John.

  8. Jean said,

    I still have an article that you wrote in Dec. 22, 2004 for The News Press in FL. I read it every Christmas. Thank you

    • dinaheng said,

      Thank you, Jean. Here’s wishing you a joyous Christmas and happy new year! Dinah

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