February 14, 2014

Random Acts… Be a Valentine for someone

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Valentine’s Day is a celebration of love. If you have someone special in your life, there’s no excuse for not celebrating your love. If you don’t have someone special in your life, there’s no excuse for not celebrating the love in your heart.

Yes, the love in your heart. Not someone else’s heart. Yours.

This, after all, is the challenge everyone faces… how to express the love within, whether or not we’re feeling loved by another.Dinah Eng

Here are some things to try on Heart Day…

* Think about a relative (parent, aunt, uncle, cousin) you haven’t talked to in a while. Call them and tell them you’re thinking about them.

* If you have a child who’s learning how to talk on the phone, teach him or her to say these words before hanging up — “I love you.  Bye.”

* Bake (or buy) some cookies and give them to an elderly neighbor.  Better yet, take them out for coffee or lunch.

* If you’re at work, include a compliment in every e-mail you send to colleagues.

* Give a verbal compliment to strangers in your path.  A simple, “Great tie” or “Love your     purse” will lift their spirits.

* Take someone to see the movie “Winter’s Tale,” a romantic fantasy about faith, love and miracles. The critics may not like it, but the romantic in you will.

* Treat yourself to something special — a relaxing massage, a sinful dessert, beautiful flowers, or whatever you’d love to receive as a gift.

* And if you’ve got your eye on someone, but haven’t had the courage to ask him (or her) out, seize the moment and do it now.  It doesn’t matter if the answer is yes or no.  What matters is that you express the love in your heart.

Happy Valentine’s Day!


February 11, 2014

How I Got Started: The sweet smell of Jo Malone’s success

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As a child, Jo Malone did not enjoy a lot of advantages. Dyslexic, she grew up in a troubled family, and left school at 14. But Malone, now 50, had her own gifts: ambition and, most of all, an acute and artistic ability to perceive and concoct scents. Starting in her kitchen, Malone created exotic fragrances, and skin and bath products, ranging from Wild Fig & Cassis Cologne to Nutmeg & Ginger Bath Oil. She built her self-named brand into a multimillion-dollar global phenomenon before selling it to beauty conglomerate Estée Lauder (EL, Fortune 500) (whose filings don’t break out results for individual brands). After battling breast cancer, Malone is back with a new company called Jo Loves. 

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How I Got Started: Hobie Alter… founding father of the surfing industry

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Foam and fiberglass. If you’re not a surfer, that combination means little to you. But if you like to ride the waves, you can thank Hobie Alter, the man who combined those two materials. That breakthrough made boards 20 pounds lighter and easier to use, as well as simpler to manufacture. It helped transform board-making from expensive balsa and fiberglass projects that you shaped and sanded in your garage into an economical, mass-production process in the 1950s.

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