September 13, 2013

Intuitive shares insights into people’s lives

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Intuition is inside everyone, but we don’t always listen to what our inner knowing says to us. For Joan Marie Whelan, helping others to tap into their intuitive selves and heal at the core of their souls is a personal mission.

Whelan, who graduated from Lynchburg College in Lynchburg, Va. with a triple major in broadcast journalism, psychology and Spanish, was in a head-on car collision in her 20s that left her with severe anxiety attacks, short-term memory loss for six months, and a hairline fracture to her spine.Dinah Eng

“I was in physical therapy and cognitive development therapy for three years,” Whelan recalls. “The experience brought up every issue I had, and a fear of being out in the world, which was not who I was. I’d been an outgoing, adventurous person, yet I withdrew from the world for eight years. My body didn’t tolerate any medicines. I believe the accident happened so I could heal my soul at a deep level.”

Whelan began studying past life regression, inner child work, and the relationship between body, mind and spirit.

“I’m perfectly fine on the physical level now, after a very long journey,” says Whelan, 46, who resides in Sarasota, Fla. “Through it all, my intuition and awareness came full throttle. I could be standing next to someone, they wouldn’t say a word, and I could see everything going on in their head. I had to learn how to create a boundary between seeing people and going on with my own life.”

The intuitive woman went on to become a business intuitive coach, life coach and consultant for individuals, writing “Soul Discovery… 9 Principles for Revealing Your Sacred Gifts” ($24.95) — also available as a Kindle download for $9.48 — and “My Sacred Journal” ($21.95), a companion journal.

Whelan says she helps clients with emotional, physical and financial problems, encouraging them to grow and heal on deep levels by understanding their soul’s purpose.

“Everyone has the choice to open up their intuition,” Whelan says. “I’m a believer in meditation, listening to the highest manifestation of Divine Love, whatever that means to you. Your vibration is a like a light bulb, and it’s up to you to develop higher wattages.”

She notes that we are living today in a masculine society where the mind dominates, shutting down the feminine side of ourselves, which is heart-centered.

“A lot of people are not comfortable with their emotions, so they become fearful of their intuitive side,” Whelan says. “But intuition is your truth. It’s about seeing your greatest needs, and allowing them to be met.”

When it comes to working with businesses, Whelan’s clients may hire her to help identify the best people to work with on various projects.

Photo of Joan Marie Whelan by Joe Henson.

Photo of Joan Marie Whelan by Joe Henson.

“I helped to negotiate a $1.3 billion deal with a client who brought different companies together to pool their money to buy real estate and create other projects that would bring many new jobs to the economy,” Whelan says. “My client wanted to get the right people involved, so consulted with me on who was greedy, and who could be trusted.

“People didn’t know I was involved in any way. I do help people become multi-millionaires — but my goal is not to just help someone make money. My goal is to help people build a solid foundation, build a successful team, and come from a place of wholeness — not a place of greed, doing things only to make money.  If our only goal was to be rich in money, we would be very poor in spirit.”

When it comes to personal growth, Whelan says it’s important to honor the wholeness of who you are.

“So many people are bruised or hurt because of something someone said or did,” she says. “They go around striving externally to be something. Yet what you’re seeking to be is yourself. It’s tough not to feel unworthy in life. Being vulnerable is where the shame is dissolved. Becoming more intuitive and allowing ourselves to forgive others is what leads to our healing.”

She notes that there are many skeptics in the world who call intuitive people “crazy” or “witches,” but what critics are really doing is denying the innate wisdom within themselves to avoid facing their own fear of the unknown.

“Certainly, there are times when predictions don’t come true,” Whelan says. “We have free will, and sometimes, the timing of predictions are off because an individual might not be ready to have something happen. I’ve had people tell me I’m going to be married with kids for the last 10 years. So where is he?”

She laughs, adding, “Sometimes, we’re not supposed to see everything.”

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