July 18, 2012

Film shares ‘How to Fall in Love’

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We may not all follow the rules of dating, but finding true love is the treasure we all long to find.

In “How to Fall in Love,” a Hallmark Channel Original Movie premiering Saturday, July 21 at 9 p.m. Eastern, a shy accountant named Harold (played by Eric Mabius) hires Annie (Brooke D’Orsay), a popular girl he knew in high school, to be his dating coach in order to woo a woman who’s caught his eye.

By a twist of fate, Annie is the high school crush who rejected Harold as a teenager, making her the perfect woman to lift his self-esteem. The successful businessman, in turn, encourages Annie to pursue her dream career as an event planner. In the process, the two discover they have more in common than just a shared passion for classic love songs.

“Everybody can relate to this story,” says Tim Johnson, executive producer of the film. “I think the vast number of romantic comedies are about characters in the most frustrating period of life, when all your friends have found their life partners, and you’re asking, ‘Where’s mine?’ At the same time, it’s the most exciting time of your life because you don’t know in which direction your life is going to go.”

Johnson says the character Harold is a closet photographer who chooses the respectable trade of accounting, and has not bloomed into his full potential.

“Harold is more cautious than most, and it’s that shyness that people relate to,” Johnson says. “What girl in high school, or later in life, is going to pick out the shy guy in the room, unless it’s Fate? As a society, we’re taught to choose the most charismatic person. But Annie gets to see how strong and sensitive Harold is. We’re all looking for that connection — the presence of empathy for one another — in a partner.”

While the target audience for the film is 25 to 54-year-old women, the producer says everyone likes good fairy tales, even men.

“I’m 47, and I still enjoy these movies,” Johnson says. “I didn’t get married until I was 39, and most of my friends were divorced. I met my wife at a laundromat, and finally figured things out. I don’t think there are soul mates. It’s okay to have preferences like wanting someone who’s athletic and fun, but beyond that, it’s developing empathy for one another that leads to love.”

Johnson, formerly the head of West Coast programming for the PAX Network, launched several successful series for PAX, including “Doc” and “Sue Thomas: F.B.Eye.”

“A young writer named Bart Fisher had sent me a script a couple of years ago for feedback, and when he sent me ‘How to Fall in Love,’ I thought it was a great concept,” Johnson says. “Hallmark decided to do it, and chose us to produce it.”

Fisher is currently manager for program development and scheduling at the Hallmark Channel.

Prior to the movie’s premiere, dating coaches Ellen Fein and Sherrie Schneider, authors of “The Rules” books will host a live one-hour Q&A on Saturday, July 21 at 8 p.m. Eastern on Hallmark Channel’s Facebook Fan Page (www.Facebook.com/hallmarkchannel), answering questions on everything from how to get a man to propose to ideas on where to meet people. Signed copies of their book, “All The Rules,” will be given away.

“I hope that people are not only entertained by the movie, but that they learn something from it,” Johnson says. “If you’re looking for love, it’s important to be aware of the people around you, relationships you already have with other people, and the opportunities we all have to help others meet and establish a connection.

“The people we’re supposed to be with might not be the ones our brains or society tells us we should be with. Listen to your heart. That’s where the truth is found.”

For an evening of romance, laughter, and some wise tips on dating, don’t miss “How to Fall in Love.”



  1. nicole said,

    how do i buy the movie?

    • dinaheng said,

      It won’t be on sale for a while, but you can check the shop tab on http://www.hallmarkchannel.com, where you’ll find movies for sale. Amazon usually sells their movies, as well.

  2. Michelle said,

    I especially like some of the music from the film. “The song” that played at the end, what is its name?

    • dinaheng said,

      It was “I Wanna Be Loved” by Dinah Washington.

      • Paige said,

        Thank you for supplying the name of that song, I have been searching for the name for over an hour because it is beautiful and it makes me want to have it for my fiances and mine wedding at the end of this year. It is sooooo beautiful!!

      • dinaheng said,

        You’re welcome, and congratulations on your wedding!

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