August 9, 2011

‘Honeymoon’ leads to love

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There’s nothing like a little heartache to make you stop in your tracks… or run away on a “Honeymoon for One.”

In a new Hallmark Channel movie, airing Saturday, Aug. 13 at 9 p.m. Eastern, Eve Parker, a high-powered advertising executive played by Nicollette Sheridan, discovers that her fiancé Greg (Patrick Baladi) is a cheating cad. Heartbroken, Eve cancels the wedding, and on an impulse, decides to go on their planned honeymoon to Ireland without him.

What she discovers, of course, challenges her sense of self, and brings her face to face with the kind of man she never dreamed she’d fall in love with.

“I like that Eve Parker was a straightforward character, all about business, and in need of broadening her horizons,” says Sheridan, a Golden Globe nominee for her role of Edie Britt  on ABC’s “Desperate Housewives.” “It’s important to have movies that everyone can see. I was attracted to doing something that was good, clean, charming fun.”

“Honeymoon for One” is a sweet romantic comedy that shows what can happen when we’re brave enough to step outside our comfort zones. Sheridan’s character, who has been caught up in the business world for years, travels to the Emerald Isle in heels meant more for city sidewalks than the countryside, and promptly has a run-in with the hotel estate’s manager Sean, played by Greg Wise.

The Irish outdoorsman has no patience for city folk like the American businesswoman, who begins to understand the importance of family life and conserving the environment around us.

“I grew up in England, but never made it to Ireland,” Sheridan says. “The English countryside is very different from the wild Irish countryside. I fell in love with the horse I was riding in the film. His name was Star. I’ve been riding since I was three years old, but in the movie, my character doesn’t know how to ride.”

In real life, Sheridan owns four horses and has built a home in the mountains outside Los Angeles, designing a house that’s a cross between an English manor and French chateau.

“If you’re always putting your career first, every now and then, you need to stop and take a deep breath,” Sheridan says. “You need to see if you’re paying attention to your relationship or your children. For me, it’s about going into the mountains with my dog. You need to stop and take a good look at yourself throughout your life. Running away is never the answer. For as far as you can run, when you stop, it’s still you.”

Sheridan’s character Eve may be the stereotypical ugly American when she arrives in Ireland, but by the time her singular honeymoon ends, she becomes a passionate advocate for preserving the land and cultural heritage that Sean has taught her to love.

“In the end, Eve is so brave,” Sheridan says. “She gets on a white horse, finds Sean, and speaks the truth.”

So why do many of us hesitate to declare love so openly?

“It’s fear that the same sentiment won’t be returned, or that you’re putting yourself in a vulnerable position,” Sheridan says. “But life is about confronting your fears, and there’s nothing more empowering than confronting a fear, and walking through it.”

For a little inspiration on how that’s done, catch Hallmark Channel’s “Honeymoon for One.”




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