February 3, 2011

Just consider it done…

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For most people, life is a never-ending to-do list.

We have things to clean, errands to run, information to research, gifts to buy. Those who can afford it hire someone to help. Those who can afford more, turn to Julie Subotky’s company.

Subotky, founder and CEO of Consider It Done, a high-end lifestyle management and personal concierge company, is an expert at solving problems and saving time for busy clients.

After graduating from college, Subotky headed to Aspen to ski for the winter season. She started out as a personal assistant for hire, and created a business that has boomed. Today, her company operates primarily in New York City, “home to some of the busiest and most time-starved people on the planet,” as she writes in her new book “consider it done…Accomplish 228 of Life’s Trickest Tasks” (Three Rivers Press, $15).

In the book, she shares tips for everything from how to organize your closet in 20 minutes to how to sneak an elephant into a public park. While not everyone will need to know how to do these things, you never know when such advice will come in handy. But what’s most valuable is learning the secret to every challenge.

“To me, not much is crazy,” says Subotky, who brings an unstoppable attitude to every problem. “Whatever it is, you have to think about the bigger vision. What’s the end result that you want? Then go after it.”

For example, one client asked her to send an unusual soup to a friend as a get well gift.

“It turns out that no one had ever heard of jellied madrilene soup before,” Subotky says. “I asked people at specialty food stores, and someone finally said, ‘My grandma used to make it.’ I got the recipe and had it made by a chef, and sent it with a big bowl, large spoon and a napkin. Could we have found another soup that would have conveyed the message of get well soon? Sure, but it’s about not giving up.”

Whether it’s tackling mundane tasks or seemingly impossible dreams, not giving up is the key to success. Subotky says solving problems often requires learning new things, and stepping back to look at the bigger picture.

“If I need something done, I look for the experts in my life,” she says. “You don’t have to have a lot of money to do this. If I’m too busy to bake cookies for my son’s class, I may call a friend who loves to bake and ask for her help. In a couple of weeks, she may need her closet organized. We can all look for the best connections in our relationships with people.”

She notes that most of us put off personal tasks and needs, unless something is urgent. In effect, we put ourselves at the bottom of our to-do lists.

“Why should your own needs wait?” Subotky asks. “Get with a friend and hold each other accountable for what each of you wants to do each week. If that’s what it takes to schedule your own personal time, then that’s what it takes.”

And if you want to know how to sneak an elephant into a public park… well, you’ll just have to make time to read Subotky’s book.



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