January 28, 2011

Let your star shine…

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I don’t plan my life around my horoscope, but I do confess to reading one every morning.

I don’t believe that life is pre-destined. I believe that our choices and actions each day help to create the things that unfold in our lives. Reading a horoscope just triggers responses that may then affect what happens.

For example, if the astrological muse says it’s going to be a day where tempers flare, so watch out for potential arguments, I take it to be a gentle reminder to be kinder to others. Being a double Sagittarius — meaning that the Sun and Moon were both in the same sign at the time of my birth — I’ve always held strong opinions about things, so have to be reminded at times to watch my tongue.

My mom tells stories about me lecturing my father on his behavior… when I was five years old. He used to think my mom coached me on what to say to him, until one day, when I was sick and stayed home from school.

He walked into the living room and found me sitting in front of the television set, which was turned off. I apparently started criticizing my mom for not letting me watch TV, and he realized that my “opinions” were not just directed at him.  He then told Mom what a smart girl I was.

Since I’ve always identified with being the Archer in the sky, I’m not too happy with the  astronomers at the Minnesota Planetarium Society who have upended the zodiac calendar,. According to them, because of the moon’s gravitational pull on Earth, the alignment of the stars is now off by about a month.

Those of us who are Sagitarrians and Capricorns born between Nov. 29 and Dec. 17 are now classified as Ophiuchus. How do you even pronounce that?

Apparently, the constellation Ophiuchus looks like a man wrestling a snake, dividing the snake’s body in two parts. The sign is linked to being a healer of men and a doctor of medicine or science, or someone who seeks education and enlightenment.

The Ophiuchu is an interpreter of dreams and premonitions, envied by his peers, and is expected to be a successful person.

The sign doesn’t sound bad, but I still prefer being a Sag. Whatever the sign is, I believe we all have to work to get our stars in alignment. We have to take responsibility for the choices we make, think positively, and act with love. Only then will our stars truly shine.

If the Western Zodiac gets too confusing, you can always look up your Chinese horoscope, which is based on the moon’s rotation. The Lunar New Year, celebrated by Asian countries around the world, falls this year on February 3, and ushers in the Year of the Rabbit.

According to Theodora Lau’s “The Handbook of Chinese Horoscopes,” the Year of the Rabbit should be “a placid year, very much welcomed and needed after the ferocious Year of the Tiger. We should go off to some quiet spot to lick our wounds and get some rest after all the battles of the previous year… People will acknowledge that persuasion is better than force.”  (Are you listening, politicians?)

She says that the Year of the Rabbit is a time for people to enjoy ourselves, but not to become too indulgent. Money will be made without too much labor, but will also go out the door easily. (Hopefully, that means a continued uptick in the economy.)

“A temperate year with unhurried pace,” she writes. “For once, it may seem possible for us to be carefree and happy without too many annoyances.”

Now that’s a prediction I’d root for.



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