December 9, 2010

Explore the power of your dreams…

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Dreams are the messages our subconscious sends to wake us up about issues in our lives, to give guidance and comfort in times of need, and to connect us with others on the unseen side of life.

Most of the time, we wake up remembering fragments of our dreams, which quickly fade away unless we write the memory down. If we make the effort to remember and analyze what we dream each night, the insights can help to solve problems or spark creativity in the waking world.

Dream expert Cynthia Richmond, a board certified behavioral therapist and speaker, has put together an easy-to-follow guide to exploring your dreams in her new book, “The Dream Power Journal… A System for Organizing Your Dreams to Enhance Your Life” ($16.95, DreamPower Publishing).

“The original theory was that we dream around rapid eye movements in the sleep state, but studies show that we’re dreaming all the time,” says Richmond, who’s written dream columns for the Los Angeles Times and the Arizona Republic, and appeared on shows like “Oprah, “ “Dr. Phil,” and “The View.”

“Dreams are really another dimension that we can tap into while we’re waking. The Aborigines, for example, believe all time is happening now — that there’s no separation from past and future in time, and that dreams are just a dimension or energy frequency.”

Richmond says understanding our dreams can add so much to our waking lives. Thomas Edison, she notes, invented many things through his dreams by holding ball bearings in his hands when he’d go to sleep, sitting up in a chair. When he relaxed, the ball bearings would fall out of his hands and hit a steel pan, waking him up to new ideas.

Musicians like Billy Joel and Paul McCartney have talked about dreams that inspired  melodies and lyrics.

“Our grandmothers used to say, ‘You’re making a big decision. Why don’t you sleep on it?” Richmond says. “In the dream state, our  mind can show us different angles and solutions to problems. The  majority of people don’t remember our dreams because we’re busy, wake up, and start thinking about what we need to do that day. But you can learn to remember by reminding yourself every night that you’ll remember the dream when you wake up.”

The dreams will evaporate if we don’t write them down, though, which is why Richmond designed her new book with a method for recalling and cataloging our dreams.

The book talks about the anatomy of a dream, dream symbols and understanding your dreams. The journal gives an organized outline for noting main symbols and themes of dreams, how you felt when you woke up, insights and interpretations.

Richmond says we can set intentions for our dreams, asking for information and guidance, and even asking to communicate with those who have departed.

“I’ve worked with John Edward and James Van Praagh, and many people have dreamed about a loved one,” she says. “If you want to invite someone in, you can. Most of us would be startled or afraid if a ghost walked in on us, but it’s safe in the dream state. People should just be careful to surround themselves with white light if they do this.”

By recording our dreams in a journal, she adds, we get the most from our dreamwork.

“I usually wake up once a night, and before I get out of bed, I write my dreams down,” Richmond says. “I want to see what my dream source gives me. When we’re open to being guided, dreams are a great way to tap into our intuition.”

“The Dream Power Journal…A System for Organizing Your Dreams to Enhance Your Life” by Cynthia Richmond can be ordered on


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