November 29, 2010

Holiday season’s just in time…

Posted in Between Us column, Entertainment, Relationships, Spirituality at 8:40 pm by dinaheng

There are so many things to be thankful for in life. Since we don’t always remember this, it’s a good thing we have a holiday season that forces us to stop and acknowledge our blessings.

As bad as the economy has been, it’s good that people are traveling more to spend time with family and loved ones this year. It’s also good that the protests about full body scanners and pat downs by TSA officials at airports are forcing people to look at what’s acceptable and what’s not in a free society. We may not know how to keep terrorists at bay, but we do know when government dictates have crossed the line with personal freedoms.

I’ve not undergone a pat down, but I have been selected for additional screening of my carry-on items, presumably at random. A couple of weeks ago, I was at London Heathrow, boarding a United flight back to Los Angeles when the security guard told me to go through a booth for additional screening.

One security guard looked through my purse as the other guard started to look through my carry-on bag, stuffed with chocolates and gifts for family. After poking through the first layer, he smiled at me and said, “I trust you. Go on now.”

Either my smile and patient manner impressed him, or he figured that anyone who spent so much money on sweets must have a sweet disposition. In any case, I appreciated meeting someone who trusted his own instincts enough to know an innocent traveler when he met one.

Trust is something many of us have forgotten. We live in a time where people almost instinctively distrust politicians, the media, and each other without thinking. Not surprisingly, others distrust us in return.

This is the season for remembering how to trust again. Our family always gathers at one of my sister’s houses for the Thanksgiving and Christmas meals. Last week, we had 24 seated at two tables. The December gathering will probably be a little smaller, but as many of us who can make it, will come.

I trust that no matter how lively or contentious the dinner conversation may get each year, those seated at the table will be there for each other when needed. I trust that the memories we make each time we share a meal will add to our appreciation of family in the years to come.

From now until the last day of the year, spending time with family and friends becomes my holiday priority. And when there’s time to relax alone, I look forward to reading good books and watching TV shows like the Hallmark Channel movies, Lifetime’s holiday films, and ABC Family’s 25 Days of Christmas, which reinforce trust in the joy of the holidays.

After all, the more we believe we have a wonderful life, the more wonderful it becomes. So give thanks for the blessings you have, and trust that even more joy is on the way.


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