May 13, 2010

Subliminal messages reach unconscious

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The messages we hear in life profoundly affect our behavior and self-esteem.

As children, whenever we were told that we were smart, pretty, stupid, or clumsy, the messages got embedded somewhere inside, and we began to act as though the messages were true.

As adults, we are constantly battling those messages from our past — as well as negative thoughts in the present  — as we try to change behaviors that don’t serve us well. Behaviors like smoking, overeating, setting ourselves up in unhappy relationships, or sabotaging our own success at work.

One potential aid to changing negative behaviors is the use of subliminal audio programs, which put  the mind in a receptive state to hear positive messages on a non-verbal level.

“Our programs use subliminal techniques and neurosonic attunement, which uses a range of tones and frequencies, to affect the subliminal consciousness,” says Susannah Lippman, owner of Alphasonics in Santa Fe, New Mexico. “For example, an upbeat piece of music can bring your spirits up. The heartbeat is what we heard in the womb, so we’re calmed by that. We use different sounds and positive messages to reach the mind below the threshold of conscious hearing.”

Lippman explains that listeners hear nature sounds on the audio programs, and messages like “I am wonderfully successful” get through to the subconscious on a different frequency, by-passing people’s resistance to change and inner doubts.

She says three factors play a part in how successful the audio programs are for individuals:

1. How susceptible the person is to suggestion;

2. How easy the goal is to achieve, for that person, and

3. How often a person uses the audio program, and whether the program is heard through speakers or earphones.

“We have different channels for the right and left brain hemispheres,” Lippman says. “If you use earphones, and pay attention to the left and ride side markings, you’ll hear the right channel for each side of the brain. On a speaker, you only get 80 percent of the benefit because you’ll hear a mix in both ears.”

Underneath the nature sounds, the listener gets an estimated 30 different affirmations on each program. With the repetition of the affirmations, the mind receives more than a million positive messages for each hour of programming.

Alphasonics does not advertise, and most sales are to repeat customers and practitioners like psychologists, chiropractors and counselors who use the audio programs with patients. The company offers a money-back guarantee on results, and Lippman says it’s rare to get a return request. (

People use the audio programs to change habits, such as to quit smoking, lose weight, or to stop procrastinating, as well as to change habitual ways of thinking, such as believing that they’re unattractive, will never have a fulfilling love life, or will never be wealthy.

“Any habit, if you’re going to change it, takes daily reinforcement, which the programs provide,” Lippman says. “Once you get past the habit, you can go on without the audio programs. Most people begin to notice results in about three weeks, though reaching the entire goal takes longer. For some who are resistant to change, it takes 90 days or more to see changes.

“Once the habit changes, we recommend people continue to use the program for another three weeks for reinforcement. It works much more powerfully than listening to someone’s words in a lecture. All our titles have two underlying themes — self esteem and inner calm.”

In a world where negative messages abound, those are themes we all need to hear more often.


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