April 8, 2010

Listening to Mother Earth…

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The earthquake started gently. Just a little rolling motion. When you live in Los Angeles, you get used to the occasional movement below your feet.

But when the motion didn’t stop immediately, my mind started to tick off the seconds. The pictures on the wall started to rattle, and the vertical blinds at the sliding glass door continued to shake.

I got up from the dining table and headed for the bedroom to put on some running shoes. What should I take out of the house with me? Before I could think further, the earthquake stopped.

A 7.2 magnitude earthquake had occurred just minutes earlier in Baja California and Mexico. A few days later, a 7.7 earthquake hit in Indonesia, on the heels of the quakes in Chile and Haiti. The news is full of advice on how to prepare for “The Big One,” making me wonder how much of our fear is helping to create these shifts in the Earth’s plates.

It’s interesting how Mother Earth’s moves grab our attention when we are jolted out of our ordinary routines. We pollute her waters and land with trash, and think little of its effects, until we’re faced with health problems that are proved to be the result of our negligence.

We think of the Earth’s ecosystem as separate from ourselves, yet nothing could be farther from the truth. Everything we do in life is connected, and the reality we create every day is affected by our actions — both physical and mental.

Sharp criticisms are being levied at Massey Energy Co., owners of a West Virginia coal mine that has been cited for scores of safety violations in the last year at the mine that recently collapsed and killed at least 25 coal miners.

It took a tragedy to draw attention to the lack of care that led to the accident and loss of lives. We may fool ourselves by ignoring warnings on paper, but eventually, the foolishness of such actions are always seen by all

Too often, we take the earth we live on for granted, until it sways or collapses out from under us.

Years ago, I traveled to the Amazon rainforest in Manaus, Brazil to study with an Incan shaman. He taught a group of us about earth energies, and how the planet itself is a living entity, to be treated with reverence and respect.

The more in touch we are with Mother Earth, the more grounded we become in who we are, and why we’re here. Those who love to garden, hike, or otherwise spend time outdoors know the deep connection you feel to something greater than yourself when you dig into the soil or stand on top of a mountain crest.

The Earth’s plates shift somewhere in the world every day. We don’t always feel it, but pressure builds up and is released. It is a good thing. What creates anxiety is not being able to control the shifts and their effects on our lives.

I’m not a doomsday type of person, so I don’t worry about when the next large earthquake is going to hit. I’ve prepared as much as I can by buying earthquake insurance, and having canned food and bottled water in the house. Beyond having emergency supplies, all anyone can do is not panic and pray for the best.

As Mother Earth teaches, life is constantly shifting and changing. It’s how we react to the shifts that will determine our survival — and hers.


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